The Breakthrough Project


The mission of The BREAKTHROUGH Project is to raise awareness to the various issues children and adults experience surrounding Mental Health & Abuse. Our goal is to facilitate open dialogue and educate the community through training, workshops, and seminars designed to reshape negative thought patterns and reduce the affect (or impact) of systematic processes that impede day-to-day quality of life.

To assist in creating a society that understands individuals with Mental Health illnesses are not their circumstances. They too are entitled to the same respect and opportunities afforded to others when striving to achieve their greatest potential. This should happen void of imputation and discrimination.

Core Principles 

To provide the 4×4 Approach through LOVE and CARE

L: loving acceptance to any and every one
O: openness to others viewpoints
V: value of self and others
E: encouragement of everyone's greater good

C: Compassion 
A: Attentiveness 
R: Reassurance
E: Empowerment